Want more details about what to expect with coaching? This page is for you!


Before you sign up for coaching, we'll go over your history and goals via email, chat or phone, and talk a little bit about what training will look like to start. After that, if you decide want to get started, you'll sign up over at Team RunRun. Team RunRun handles all the backend stuff like creating training logs, handling payments, etc., so that you can focus on running and I can focus on coaching! TRR also has a great Facebook community for TRR athletes and coaches, as well as online forums, team discounts, etc. It's a great community, and I've found that training communities such as these help keep athletes motivated, consistent and happy!


Once you sign up via Team RunRun, the good folks over there will create your Training Log, share it with both of us, and add you to all the groups, etc. Then I'll get started creating your first week or two of training in the log. From there, a lot of our daily conversation will happen inside the Training Log, though I'm always available by email for detailed discussions, or text for urgent questions! Phone calls, chats or Skype are also possible, but we'll usually need to schedule them ahead of time.

Here's what your Training Log will look like. Notice that it's color-coded, and auto-calculates your goals and results for the week. Neat! (Click to enlarge)

  • The blue columns are for you to fill out: on the left, if you're going to be traveling, or have other plans that will impact your training, and on the right, your actual running stats for that day, and how you felt.

  • The grey columns are for me to fill out: first what your actual training plan entails for each day, and then a place for daily feedback from me!

  • The log is highly customizable. If you know you won't use something, we can hide it, or we can add columns for other things you want to track. Some runners meticulously track all their metrics, others run without a watch. Whatever works for you, works for me!

  • All training is examined on a week-by-week or even day-by-day basis if life gets in the way and we need to modify things.

  • All training is tailored specifically to you, with the goal of making you a better runner over the years, not just preparing you for a specific event at the detriment of your long-term goals!

  • Your training log will generally be updated daily with feedback, adjustments, motivation and conversation!

  • Training is always responsive to changes as life stresses inevitably occur. I can adjust your plan so a stressful situation has minimal impact on your running. 

  • Coaching includes recommendations on strength training, mobility and injury prevention and recovery. (With the caveat that I'm not a doctor, and I'm not seeing you in person!)

  • All coaching includes unlimited communication via email, text, chat and training log. Phone calls and Skype can be arranged as well.

All of the above for $95 per month.

I always offer 50% off your first month, so you can be sure that we're a good fit!