About My Coaching

I coach a wide variety of runners of all abilities: from experienced runners looking to lower their times or make the next leap in distance, to total beginners looking to start the right way and have fun.


Some athletes' goals currently include: qualify for Boston or the Olympic Trials, start running and work toward a half marathon, race a first 100k, return to running safely after injury, step up to 100 mile or 200mi races and adventures, and even run the Grand Slam of Ultrarunning.


Miles and Mountains athletes are running roads, trails, mountains and snow in five countries and 17 U.S. states!

I make it my priority to customize ideal training for your life in whatever ways are meaningful for you. With a focus on fostering a love of the process, I'm confident I can help you build consistency and fitness to reach your goals in 2020 and beyond! My coaching has a focus on long-term sustainability and growth, but we'll help you reach your race goals too!


Don't settle for living and training race-to-race. I can help you can train for the long-term, level-up your fitness, and reach heights you never dreamed of!


Keep reading for more details, read reviews, see the FAQ, or just reach out at any time with questions!

What's Included

  • An interactive training plan, built from the ground up for your physiology, schedule, goals, history and races.

  • A personal coach that is "all-in," and focused on long-term development of you as a consistent and  happy runner and person over the years, not just a single training cycle. 

  • Daily updates. Your training log will be updated daily with feedback, adjustments, motivation and conversation!

  • Unlimited adjustments as life stresses occur, so a time of stress has minimal impact on your running.

  • Strength training, nutrition, gear recommendations and injury prevention/recovery advice.

  • Unlimited communication via email, text and training log.

  • Education about endurance training. I don't just tell you what to do; you'll know exactly why!

  • Exclusive Facebook and Strava groups with camaraderie and exclusive videos.

  • Video Chats/Phone Calls as needed to take a deeper dive into past or upcoming training and methodology!


Unlike many coaches, I offer a single tier of coaching service. For $95 per month, I am "all-in" on your training. Everything you need to succeed is included. Unlimited communication and questions, unlimited training plan changes, unlimited... everything! 

All coaching is month-by-month; there is no obligation to commit for a longer period.

A portion of all profits are donated to Protect Our Winters, a climate action organization by athletes.

If you have friends, training partners or teammates that might be interested in coaching, contact me for a group discount. There is no obligation to train for the same races, or continue indefinitely.

What Athletes are Saying

"Josh may be a running genius. I've been working with him for less than 90 days and I have experienced significant improvements in my avg pace along with my overall capacity for speed."

"I’ve had Josh as my coach for 3.5 months. He has been a GAME CHANGER. My fitness has improved dramatically and I feel stronger than ever. Not only physically, but I feel more confident and knowledgeable. I am truly grateful and will continue with him for the foreseeable future."

"Josh is amazing! He is consistent, provides rapid feedback, is always available, has unparalleled enthusiasm and advice, and supports any crazy idea I run past him!"

"Communication is spot on and I have full confidence that he knows his stuff. If I send what I think is a simple question, he will regularly take way more time than I would expect to really break down the ins, outs, different points of view with pros and cons of each."


Contact Me

Send me a few details about you/your training and we'll schedule a free Zoom Consultation!