Like a Phoenix

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

Wowza, what a week. It’s been a rough week, in running and in life. Some insanely stressful 11 hour days (that’s a lot when you’re teaching!) meant I had to cut a lot of runs short due to lack of energy. In the 4 running weekdays, I cut the plan from a total of 36mi to 26mi, including two runs cut by half. Additionally my injury was flaring a bit on each run.

But you know what? I’m REALLY glad I listened to my body and stress levels. I pulled things together with a solid weekend as-planned. I’m feeling good going into a big mileage boost next week over school vacation!

Monday: Rest and recovery.

Tuesday: 8 miles, 7:30/mi, 820ft gainThis was a very hilly run from work, but I got to descend some nice dirt roads (nice for running, not for driving). One of the roads was along a brook, and there was still snow in the forest despite 83ºF temps, so I got a cool breeze all the way down!

Wednesday: 9mi, 7:35/mi, 450ft gain. This was a fairly flat run along one of my normal routes. After two very long days, I literally had no more energy for the planned 10th mile!

Thursday: 5mi, 8:05/mi, 240ft gain. Feeling totally drained from the week at this point, I was definitely not up to a full 10mi. A touch of injury pain here and there throughout.

Friday: 4mi, 7:58/mi, 160ft gain. The end of the week, and the beginning of VACATION! I was still not up to the planned 8 miles, but at least I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Still combatting the injury a bit.

Saturday: 14mi long run, 7:08/mi, 750ft gain. Feeling reborn, like a phoenix! Truly a great run, with no pain at all. This was my longest run in the new Altra Escalante, and I loved it! Despite the flexibility, I didn’t have as much of an issue with calf soreness the next day like I anticipated.

Sunday: 12mi, 7:27, 650ft gain. Brutal heat today! I ran feeling great for about 4 miles until the heat really set in. Then it got miserable. No leaves on the trees means no shade! Still, I finished off the week fairly strong, and I’m thankful for that. Finished out the day with an 1 hour, 9mi MTB ride to check out the status of three different trails (some roads between). Verdict? IT’S DIRT SEASON!!!!


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