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Ready to explore your limits?

I'll help you love the process and truly level-up your fitness!


Level - Up
Your Fitness

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Love the Long-Term Process 


Build Strength
& Prevent Injury


Find Balance
In Your Life

Miles and Mountains Coaching:

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All-in On YOU!

Why Coaching?

If you want to explore your limits, a training plan isn't going to help. Research shows they're less-effective. Adaptive, personalized training with a long-term focus is key!

Fitness isn't created in a 20-week training plan – it's created with consistent and purposeful training with a focus on your personal athletic progression. I can truly customize your training around you, and adapt it in near-real-time so that it's not only more effective, but fits your life. 

My name is Josh Fields, and it has been my greatest privilege to have helped hundreds of runners love the process and achieve their goals while finding balance in their life and a sense of belonging in the community.


From total beginners to ultramarathon champions, Boston Qualifiers to state record-holders and OCR AG world champions, Miles and Mountains athletes are running trails, roads, mountains and obstacles all over the world.

Are you ready to join us and find out what you're truly capable of?

What's Included:

Customized Training

An interactive custom training plan, built from scratch and adapted in real-time for YOUR physiology, schedule, history and goals.

Unlimited Communication

Daily training log updates and unlimited communication via email, text, Zoom, phone, and website chat system.

Personal Coach

A supportive and experienced coach that is "all-in," and focused on long-term development of YOU as a consistent and happy runner over the years, not just one training cycle. 

Strength, Mobility and Injury Prevention

A strength and injury-prevention routine, customized and periodized to help YOU run stronger and faster.


Private Facebook and Strava groups, website forum and chat, and monthly newsletters with camaraderie and support.

Unlimited Adjusments

Unlimited adjustments as life stresses occur, so a time of stress has minimal impact on your running.

What Athletes Are Saying:

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