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What is your biggest running dream?

Let's chat about how to get you there!

What's Included:

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For $130 per month, I am "all-in" on your training. Absolutely everything you need to succeed is included! This is not a training plan; it's an experienced human coach, in your corner whenever you need.

6-month, 12-month and pre-paid plans are available at discounted rates!

If you compare to other coaches, many charge between $200 and $600 per month for unlimited service of this kind. Financial hardship discounts are available, so if you think this would be a good fit, please reach out!

A Personal Running Coach
that is 'all-in' on YOU as a happy runner and person over many years!
Fully-Customized Training
hand-built around YOUR physiology, schedule, history and goals.
Frequent Updates
to your training log (generally 5x a week) for responsive training and feedback.
Unlimited Training Adjustments
so that training always fits your life.
Unlimited Communication
via log, email, text, Zoom and website chat system.
Strength, Mobility and Injury-Prevention
routines customized to your physiology and weaknesses.
Detailed Data Analysis
whenever helpful and relevant, or education about the limitations of data.
about endurance training. I don't just tell you what to do; you'll know exactly why!
about nutrition, gear, technology, mentality, racing, pacing and more.
including newsletters and private Facebook and Strava groups with camaraderie and support.
Exclusive Content
like videos, community Zoom chats, articles and discounts.
Video Chats and Phone Calls
as needed to take a deeper dive into any questions no matter how 'out there!'
Social Media Outreach
to elevate YOUR story and Success as an athlete (if you want!)

Tell Me How I Can Help!

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Send me a few details about you and your training, or ask any questions here! I will reply with some follow-up questions, or you can book a chat above.

If you have any quick questions first - feel free to use the chat feature at the bottom right!


The Next Steps

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We'll start with an introductory chat so I can learn a bit more about you, your athletic and running/training history, and your goals and dreams! Then we'll talk about my coaching and training philosophy, how your training might look, and I'll answer any questions you have. This is always a no-pressure conversation!


You can also fill out this form with details about you and your training, and we can proceed by email. 

After our initial chat, I'll send over some details on anything we might have missed. If you decide you want to get started, that email includes instructions to create an account and subscription on the site.

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From there, I take over and make your training log, invite you to the private groups, etc. Generally we can get you fully set up and rolling in about a day!

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