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About the Coach

Miles and Mountains Coaching is an independently-owned and operated business. While I have occasional help from a few people (often M&M athletes) doing things like searching for race photos, scheduling social media posts, proofreading articles or giving feedback on graphics, ALL coaching, training and communication is handled by me alone.

My name is Josh Fields and I'm a running coach, certified ski instructor, outdoor athlete, adventurer, musician and photographer. In 2020, I left my career as a music educator to devote myself full-time to helping runners meet their goals.


In addition to Miles and Mountains Coaching, I'm also the Head Coach at Landmark College and a PSIA Certified ski instructor at Stratton Mountain. I often travel around the United States pacing and crewing elite and everyday athletes at ultramarathons, including Leadville 100 (3x), Badwater 135, Pineland Farms 50mi, and more.

Here is a bit more about my history and my coaching philosophy:

I've been running since 2013; when I started, it was just to lose weight. After my first 4 mile run; I decided I should do a marathon at least once in my life. I ran my first marathon just six months later after losing over 60lbs, and what followed was a meteoric leap into the running community, with over 30 races and six wins in 2015 alone, followed by my first ultra in 2016 running 3:50 at the Pineland 50k.


In 2017, I toured the country, running in many National Parks, setting several PR's in podium finishes at races, and even pacing Mike Wardian for 50mi at the Leadville Trail 100. 

In 2023, I repeated with a similar road trip, including pacing and crewing at the Badwater 135, as well as a great deal of photography.


Over the years running has also brought me a love for other methods of adventure, including gravel biking, kayaking, backcountry skiing and hiking. If it's outdoors and self-powered, I'm in! If I can easily bring my camera - even better!


I've been blessed to run with and be supported by Altra RunningHoney Stinger, SWAP Team and acidotic RACING over the years.


Over the past decade, I've had the privilege to run in many amazing places, and with many world-class athletes. (You can see a movie from another pacing adventure at Leadville here.)


Some of the most incredible adventures I've had, including my first two pacing experiences at Leadville, were unplanned and spur-of-the-moment, and I try to bring that spirit of embracing the unknown/unexpected to my coaching. 

Throughout all of this personal adventure, it has been my greatest privilege to have helped hundreds of runners achieve their goals while finding balance in their life and a sense of belonging in the community.


I enjoy working with all levels of athletes, from total beginners or those stepping into a new world of trail running, to those qualifying for Boston, setting state age-group records, jumping up to 100 milers, accomplishing massive thru-hikes or standing on world championship podiums.

My philosophy of coaching is simple: unconditional support to achieve fulfillment in running and life - whatever that means to you! Got big goals? Great - I'll help you reach your wildest dreams and hopefully beyond! Just want some support in building the habit and staying consistent? No worries - I'll help you find your 'why' and learn to love the process and purity of running. 

Want to learn more about my coaching and training philosophy? Check the Philosophy page for more, or reach out with any questions!

Josh at the USA Mountain Championships in 2014.
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