Is support with nutrition included?

Yes! I am always happy to provide basic support about performance nutrition. If you're looking to fine-tune your diet to support your health and running, I can help! Please note that I am not a registered dietitian, and you should always seek one out if you have limitations in your diet, are trying to combine performance improvements with significant weight loss, or have unanswered questions!

Is strength training guidance included?

Yes! Most athletes I work with have a customized strength and mobility plan designed to maintain overall fitness, support their running, improve weaknesses and lower injury risk.

Is there really unlimited communication?

Absolutely! Coaching is a relationiship, and that's based on communication. No good coach is in it just for writing training plans! I'm always happy to answer questions or just chat, whether running related or not. I check training logs daily, and respond to texts and emails promptly during waking hours. For more in-depth discussions of past or future training, I'm always happy to set up a chat over Zoom or the phone.

What does the cost include?

Everything. There are no additional fees whatsoever. My goal is to provide anything and everything I can to help you in your running.

I can't really afford it, but I think I would benefit from coaching.

I do have the ability to provide discounts for those who have the need. Please reach out! If we're a good fit, I will do what I can to make it work!

How do payments work?

Team RunRun handles the backend of payment processing and maintaining training logs. Once you sign up through Team RunRun, you'll be billed automatically each month via either Stripe or Paypal. It's super easy! If you decide to pause coaching for whatever reason, you retain credit for unused days, which will be used automatically when you start back up again.

Can you give feedback on my running form?

Yes! If you have a modern cell phone, it has the ability to film in slow motion. I can walk you through taking a few video angles of your running, and do an analysis from those videos. From there feedback might include cadence and form cues, or strength and mobility training designed to correct specific issues.

How do you see my running data?

I am happy to look at whatever data you would like! Some athletes run with only a Timex; others are members of the Miles and Mountains Strava group, and I see their runs there. All athletes enter basic information in the training log about their runs, including mileage, overall time, and subjective feedback, and this guides future training. More than data, I'm interested in how things felt, and what's going on for you in running and life. Like with running in general, you get out what you put it in. The better the information you give me, the more customized your training will be! That said, I prioritize mental wellness, so if it's easier for you to run without data, we can do that!

How is this different from a training plan online?

A training plan that you find online, even if it's an amazing plan, is not customized for your physiology, your history and goals, or your schedule. But let's say you get lucky and it happens to meet those critera. What happens when you get sick or stressed and need to miss a few days? How do you modify it and get back on track to ensure peak performance? Do you skip the long run? Do you add in a workout on a rest day? Do you run two scheduled workouts in one day?
Custom coaching builds your training plan from the ground up around you. It's your body, your goals, and your schedule that we build around, so everything is a custom fit. Inevitably, something will come up and derail you for a few days. Custom coaching rewrites your training weekly, or even daily, to ensure you're training as ideally as possible in the context of your life!

How does the training log work?

It's pretty neat! It's a heavily customized and collaborative Google Sheet. Any updates either of us make are instantly visible to the other person. The blue columns are for you to fill out: on the left, if you're going to be traveling, or have other plans that will impact your training, and on the right, your actual running stats for that day, and how you felt. The grey columns are for me to fill out: first what your actual training plan entails for each day, and then a place for daily feedback from me! In the center, the log calculates your planned mileage/vert and your actual mileage/vert automatically. The log is highly customizable. If you know you won't use something, we can hide it, or we can add columns for other things you want to track. Some runners meticulously track all their metrics, others run without a watch. Whatever works for you, works for me!

How do I get started?

Go back to the Coaching page, and fill out the contact form with some background information! You and I will chat about your running history and goals, and then I'll help you get set up at Team RunRun so we can get started! Generally this can all happen within a day or two, but you can take as much time as you need.

Can you help with injury prevention?

Yes! It's a fact of life that most runners will get a minor injury at some point. But through careful "prehab" and strength training, combined with mindful training structure, we can not only limit the risk, but decrease recovery time if it does happen. A lot of runners seek out a coach when they're injured, so I have a variety of 'return to running' protocols I use depending on the injury and time away from running. Helping athletes return to what they love is a big perk of being a coach!

Are there communities and other benefits to coaching?

Yes! Community has been an extremely important part of my running and my life, and I'm hoping to help facilitate that for athletes I work with as well.
There are Miles and Mountains Facebook and Strava groups, as well as Team RunRun Facebook and Strava groups. We have group chats, share photos and running/life updates. We're also exploring having group Zoom sessions about specific topics. There is also a Team RunRun forum, which includes discounts on race entries and at running stores. There are also ocassionally group runs set up in areas that have multiple TRR or Miles and Mountains athletes.