Racing Highlights

Mile 29 of the 2018 Lost Cat 50k

I am a music teacher, runner, leather crafter, hiker and photographer living in New Hampshire.

started running in 2013, and have definitely caught the disease. I’ve run for acidotic RACING since 2014, and have been a part of SWAP Team (Some Work All Play) since 2014 as well. I am a Honey Stinger Hive Elite Athlete for 2018 and 2019. I enjoy running in the mountains, and running trails, but I run my fair share of roads as well. Running is fun for me because I like being in nature, like discovering what my body is capable of, and enjoy exploring my limits. Running a mountain trail is certainly the closest I’ll ever come to flying. My primary goal is to love every minute, and stay healthy so I can keep running into old age.


Mile: 4:35

5k: 17:02

10k: 34:51

13.1: 1:20:10

26.2: 2:53:44

50k Trail: 3:50:40

Mt. Washington: 1:24:36


Notable Race Results:

2019 Lost Cat Half Marathon - 1st, course record

2018 Lost Cat 50k - 1st

2018 Pigskin 5k - 1st, course record, personal record

2017 Granite State Snowshoe Championship - 3rd

2017 Oregon Marathon - 3rd, PR and BQ

2017 Lebanon Hills Trail 7mi - 3rd

2016 Pineland Farms 50k - 3rd

2015 and 2016 Bear Brook Half Marathon - 1st

2015 Northeast Snowshoe Championship - 10th

2015 New England Trail Championship - 15th

2015 Ascutney Mountain Race - 5t

Mile 24 of the 2016 Pineland Farms 50k

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