• Josh Fields

Goal-Setting and Training Consistency

Updated: Oct 23

What if I told you that your biggest fitness improvements won’t come from training for a race? No seriously, hear me out!

A lot of runners hire a coach to prepare for a specific race, new distance, PR/BQ/OTQ or some other upcoming goal. Some hire a coach just a few months before the race. This is great - they’re seeking help to tackle something awesome they want to accomplish!

While a coach can certainly get you prepared for that individual race, a good coach is thinking not only about that training cycle, but the next 2-3, and ideally has an even longer-term outline.

Here’s the thing - no training cycle exists in a vacuum. Each one builds on the previous, just like every week builds on the weeks prior. The real progress happens when you can string a few years of consistent training together, taking your fitness to heights you only dreamed of! Many self-coached runners that are only thinking of the next race may not see that same sort of improvement.

Now consistency doesn’t mean always doing marathon/ultra training, (or whatever your favorite distance is), but rather training that is purposeful, even if that purpose is working on shorter/faster races, a brief unfocused off-season, or rehabbing an injury. It’s not about training the same year-round, it’s about training with purpose.

Almost every one of my athletes has a goal that’s 3-4 months away, one that’s 6-12 months away, and an often-secret goal that might be as many as 5 years away. As a coach, I have my own “secret goals” for their 5-year plan as well.

If you’re only thinking about the upcoming training cycle and race, you may be holding yourself back from your potential!

So think: what’s your secret 5-year goal? If you’re willing to talk about it to anyone but your coach/spouse/therapist, you’re probably not dreaming big enough! Dream big, train with purpose consistently, and seek help if you need it - you’ll smash your expectations!

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