• Josh Fields

Goal-Setting and Training Consistency

Updated: Feb 22

A lot of runners hire a coach to prepare for a specific race, new distance, PR/BQ/OTQ or some other upcoming goal. Some hire a coach just a few months before the race.

While a coach can certainly get you prepared for that individual race, a good coach is thinking not only about that cycle, but the next one, and ideally has a 2-5-year plan in draft form!

No training cycle exists in a vacuum—each builds on the previous, just like every week builds on the weeks prior. The real progress happens when you can string a few years of consistent training together, taking your fitness to heights you only dreamed of! Many self-coached runners that are only thinking of the next race may not see that sort of improvement.

Consistency doesn’t mean always doing marathon training, (if that’s your prime distance), but rather training that is purposeful, even if that purpose is a brief unfocused off-season, or rehabbing an injury.

In fact, too much specificity of training for a single race will almost surely hold you back from reaching your long-term potential!

Almost every one of my athletes has a goal that’s 1-4 months away, one that’s 6-12 months away, and an often-secret goal that might be as many as 5 years away. As a coach, I have my own “secret goals” for their 5-year plan as well. If you’re only thinking about the upcoming training cycle, you’re just holding yourself back!

What’s your secret 5-year goal? If you’re willing to talk about it to anyone but your coach/spouse/therapist, it’s probably not dreaming big enough!

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