Your Pace is Not Your Worth

First of all, whether you are running 5:00/mi or 15:00/mi, you are a RUNNER. If you're running 10 miles per week or 100 miles per week you are a RUNNER. If you are walking half of your runs, you are a RUNNER. If you RUN you are a RUNNER. Period.

Your fitness does not define your worth as a person, nor as an athlete.

But let's go further. In fact, your pace on most of your runs doesn't even have much to do with your current fitness! Faster easy runs doesn't necessarily mean better fitness.

Easy runs aren't better for you if you do them faster - in fact, you're likely getting FEWER benefits.

Every run has a purpose, and running faster is not better.

Now let's go a step further. Posting about your runs on social media, whether Instagram, Facebook or just Strava is totally awesome! Having a supportive and encouraging community is amazing, and we should all be lifting each other up!

But do you make comments like "wow, amazing pace; you're so fast!" on other people's runs? This might be dangerous, and I'd encourage you to resist doing it.

Here's the thing - you don't know the intent of their run for the day. If it was an easy run, and they ran it too hard, they won't get the intended benefits, and an internet comment about their pace just isn't going to be helpful. Even if it was a workout, going too fast doesn't mean it was a better workout!

Running too fast is counter-productive at best, and can be dangerous to your health if you approach overtraining. Remember, training should be purposeful, and if faster running doesn't suit that purpose, then you shouldn't do it!

So let's agree to normalize being supportive without referencing pace! Save those "wow so fast!" comments for when they SMASH their race thanks to more effective training!


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